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im chris.
im now 14
i like to animate. but i dont do it much.
tell me what you think.
i might need help with some voices though so if anyone is interested please let me know so i can message you in the future if needed ;)

hello. me updated after a year.

Hello OM NOM

2009-02-05 22:33:05 by dUMBOpATTAR

my first news, im sure that noone is gonna even read this anyway.

im a l4d fan so i heard that theres gonna be a new mode called survivors and DT and DA will be in versus during the spring. i love this site.

um lets see... i came to NG after i made my youtube so if you find my vids copied or something, its already mine so please dont say its stolen or something.

i also have a deviantart same name has my youtube. :) i put my comics theres if you wanna check. if i could but i dont know i would post here? i have no idea how.

Hello OM NOM